Inter-Pacific Holdings Ltd

Leading the industry, Inter-Pacific has developed the 3D jewelry line - "Floating-GEMS" stones that provide a unique and different presentation of gem stone jewelry, with cubic zirconia and gemstone freely float within the hand blown crystal glass bulb.

Inter-Pacific Holdings Ltd
As a gemstone importer, exporter and wholesaler, Inter-Pacific, formerly known as Sunning Holdings Ltd. was established in 1984, supplies rough and cut synthetic stones, semi-precious stone, together with a wide variety of gemstones to the industry.

With our team of experienced gem cutting technicians and specialists, the factory is able to provide excellent cutting quality service accordingly to the client’s requirement.

Head Office:
Address: Rm 801, Decca Industrial Centre, 21 Cheung Lee Street, Chaiwan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2898 1178
Fax: (852) 2558 1283

Email: [email protected]