Black Moissanite 1 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

it is the symmetry and surface texture of the gem that determines its cut, as well as its quality.


Black diamonds became extremely popular in the 20th century. While some black diamonds started appearing in the wedding ring and other ornaments. There are many reasons why beautiful black heroes are the most popular.

Black diamonds belong to the diamond family of unusual colors. And mostly black diamonds are rare and less valuable than other colored diamonds and gems. And they are considered quite affordable. The price of a black diamond depends on the intensity of color and purity. Therefore, it is the most popular color of diamonds compared to other colored diamonds.

In addition, there are certain classes of sharpness, such as AAA, AA, A, etc., where AAA is highest. Black AAA diamonds mean that their black jet color shines best and there are no pots/nicks and scratches on the crown and table.Do you like to wear jewelry made of black diamonds? So you can visit GemistoneIN on Etsy, there you will find everything from 1 Carat Black Diamond to your need.

You cannot compare the weight of a black carat with a white diamond, given the fact that black is denser. Therefore, they may be less white. The cut is similar to the shape of a diamond but slightly thicker in the griddle and pavilion. 

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