Best AIOps Solutions for Streamlined SaaS Management

SaaS management platforms in businesses can efficiently manage projects, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time.


A few years ago, Gartner’s global research and advisory firm predicted a significant change in the IT management landscape. The present IT environment is more data-driven, distributed, and changing. Thus, IT professionals and leaders felt a strong need to advance digital transformations with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other approaches that can automate key operations. Despite the increased attention to artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) technology, IT teams and analysts may need help choosing the right tools that align with their needs. In this article, we will shed light on the top five AIOps platforms for seamless SaaS management and how to choose the right AIOps tools for your business.

Top Five AIOps Platforms for Seamless SaaS Management

The right SaaS management platforms will help IT professionals and leaders streamline their technology operations; however, with so many options, it can be challenging to choose the right one.

  1. Blissfully

Blissfully is a SaaS management platform that aims to give your company the visibility and tools that are needed to simplify IT operations, maintain compliance, manage vendors, and optimize spending. However, the company was acquired by Vendr in February 2022.

Case Study

Contentstack is a content management system that supports mid-size and enterprise businesses. The company was facing a challenge where spreadsheets only captured a moment in time without the ability to build an accurate forecasting plan or clear employee workflows, time, and economic inefficiencies that grew across many business units of Contentstack. To curb this issue, Contentstack joined hands with Blissfully to construct a comprehensive technology ecosystem that increases efficiency and seamless workflows with automated systems to downsize mundane tasks. This has helped the company save time and money and make strategic investments with Blissfully.

  1. Keepit

Keepit is a cloud-based SaaS management solution that helps businesses protect their essential digital assets. This platform provides seamless and secured backup solutions for various applications, devices, and servers. With this solution, you can easily backup, schedule, store, and manage your data without worrying about loss or damage.

Case Study

Porsche Holding Salzburg is a car trade company with a holistic vision for digital transformation in the automotive industry with a reach across 22 countries throughout Europe, Colombia, Chile, Malaysia, and Japan. The company was looking for a SaaS data backup to protect their company from ransomware threats as they are upscaling globally. After researching, they found Keepit more user-friendly, which also offers a transparent backup and recovery process, which was a very appealing option for the company. Michael Bojko, a system engineer at Porsche Informatik (a subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg), said, “We were searching for a SaaS solution, and we didn’t want to back up all the data on-premise. Keepit’s simple, easy-to-use cloud backup delivered what we were looking for.”

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