Top Secret Gold-Making Methods for WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Staying informed about market trends, monitoring price fluctuations, and identifying undervalued items is crucial. Additionally, utilizing addons like Auctioneer or TradeSkillMaster can streamline the process of buying and selling on the Auction House.


World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery (SoD) introduces a unique gold-making meta with a level cap set at 25, accompanied by new raid content, PvP zones, and desirable profession items. This article explores WOW Classic SoD gold For Sale tips to give players an edge in these activities, covering everything from bag acquisition to professional strategies.

Grinding Mobs

Grinding mobs involves systematically defeating large numbers of non-player character enemies in a specific area to gather experience points, loot, or resources. This activity can be used to level up characters, farm for valuable items, or gather materials for professions, and it often requires efficient killing and looting techniques to maximize results.


Many people overlook fishing as a source of income in this game. Even at low levels, fishing can be very profitable if you do it in capital cities and expand your horizons towards beaches and deserted lands. Some kinds of fish can cost from 5 up to 30 silver depending on realm rates. Don't forget about upgrading your fishing rod – it will help improve performances!


No SoD World of Warcraft Gold Farming Guides can do without Professions. They became even more profitable due to the introduction of new factions: Durotar Supply and Logistics, and Azeroth Commerce Authority. Players need to earn a Reputation with them to get Runes and other valuable items.

This is done through completing quests like A Waylaid Shipment. These quests require donating Medium Leather and Copper Bars and similar products created with certain Professions. Thus, materials collected by Gathering Professions are in great demand. For more information on Waylaid Supplies, check out our comprehensive guide here:

Herbalism Mining

While practically any profession can help you become richer when used correctly, Herbalism and Mining deserve special attention for sure. The reason why these two professions can also be called the best way to farm gold WoW Season of Discovery Classic lies in the fact they are used for gathering valuable resources from the environment.

Herbalism allows you to gather various herbs from herb nodes scattered throughout the game world. Each herb has different uses, such as Alchemy, Inscription, or Cooking. Certain herbs are in high demand due to their use in crafting consumables, potions, and elixirs. For example, Black Lotus is a rare and valuable herb that is heavily sought after by alchemists. Some herbs, like Black Lotus, have limited spawns in specific zones, making them more valuable. Being aware of the spawn locations and timers allows herbalists to optimize their routes and maximize their herb collection.

Mining allows you to gather various ores from nodes scattered throughout the game world. These ores are used by blacksmiths, engineers, and jewelcrafters. Certain ores, such as Arcane Crystal and Thorium Ore, are in high demand due to their use in crafting rare and valuable items. Arcane Crystals, for example, are used in the creation of epic-quality gear. Ores, bars, and mining-related materials can be sold directly at the Auction House. Pricing your goods competitively and understanding the demand for specific ores will help maximize your profits.

Collect Rare items at Dungeons

This is a well-established practice in World of Warcraft. Whether it involves rare mounts, battle pets, transmog gear, or crafting materials, dedicated farming routes can lead to substantial returns. For instance, systematically farming rare mobs in specific zones can result in valuable drops, such as epic gear, crafting recipes, or even unique vanity items. Additionally, certain areas are abundant in resource nodes, making them ideal for gathering materials that command a high price at the Auction House.

Search for rare mounts and pets that can be sold for a significant amount of gold. Keep a vigilant eye on world boss spawns, rare spawns, and special events that offer unique rewards.

This guide will assist you in earning substantial gold, affording mounts, enchantments, and gearing up efficiently. If you don’t have enough time to get more gold coins to help you enjoy the game better, you can choose to buy some cheap gold coins from