What is the use of Ledger Live with a hardware wallet?

Regular crypto users know the importance and need for a good crypto wallet to keep their digital assets protected. The novice might not know about the differences between the types of wallets present in the crypto market.


And if you are one of them, then this blog is the one for you. Over the years the software wallets have faced difficulties in keeping the stored funds safe, because of regular hacks and phishing scams. 

Due to this, the traders have begun to lose their trust in any of the software wallets. And to take away this problem of digital assets security, a new type of wallet came to light in the market. This new wallet is known as a hardware wallet. The features of this wallet are fairly different from the software wallets. In the following blog, we will tell you how does Ledger hardware wallet operates with the help of the Ledger Live App.

General Information on Ledger Wallet

Owing a good amount of digital assets is not a big deal in this modern investing era. But the things you do to protect your funds from the hackers and scammers. And the best method to do so is the use of hardware wallets. Ledger Wallet is the best option for all the hardware wallets in the industry. However, the choice might differ depending on the needs and requirements of the users. However, despite all the strong competition from its competitors, Ledger Wallet remains on top. The wallet users do need to use a software application called Ledger Live App for easy wallet account accessibility.

What is the Ledger Live App?

 All the hardware wallets have a software wallet with them as well to provide easy accessibility to the users. It becomes quite a difficult task to monitor the funds by connecting the hardware wallet device with the use of a USB cable every time. Below is the functionality list of the Ledger Live App itself:

The wallet has a ParaSwap feature, which you can use to swap your crypto assets directly from other platforms without having to store them in the wallet. It saves the time of traders while dealing with the digital assets.

It also has a live tracking feature to keep you posted on the changes that are occurring in the market daily. The feature is pretty helpful for traders who deal in crypto assets daily.

Summing it Up!

When the matter is of the security of digital assets, never doubt the protection features of hardware wallets. In comparison to the software wallets, this wallet has an exceptional feature, that surely enhances the trading experience for the users. With the use of the Ledger Live App, you have easy account access. Reach out the customer support if you encounter any error and, if you need more details about the app or hardware wallet, feel free to take a glance at the official ledger wallet website