Big Chick Brooder made in China

Big Chick Brooder made in ChinaBig Chick Brooder made in China


Big Chick Brooder made in China 鈼?銆怑nergy-efficient Design銆? Reducing electricity use is our eco-friendly design philosophy. The power consumption is ONLY 35 Watts makes it more energy efficient than most of others. Comfortable and larger house heat panel design protect chicks, duckling from the cold in winter. 鈼?銆怉djustable temperature system銆? The halogen lamp of chicken coop heater meets the UL standard. This heater easy to adjust and control brightness of the chicken heater surface. Keep your poultry warm while better protecting their safety. Recommend that you do not need to adjust the temperature to the highest every day, and adjust it according to the state of the chicks. 鈼?銆怚mprove Survival Rate銆慍hicken coop heater can greatly improve the survival rate of chicks. The chicks that are about 5 days old can be put into the chicken coop heater. The brooder is conducive to the survival and growth of the chicks. The influence of light makes the chicks grow more robust. Perfect to raising chicken at home and small farm. 鈼忋€怤ew upgrade銆慗ANOEL new observation window design allows you to easily view the status of the chicks from the top without squatting down. The wide field of view allows you to better grasp the situation inside the chicken coop heater. 鈼?銆怐imension銆?3.77" * 12.59" * 9.8", Warms up to 20 chicks. suit for 1-45 days chicks and ducking poultry. Perfect heat for Small animal houses, safe for chicken coops. Brooder box with high temperature resistant plate, Less of a fire risk, safe and strong.Big Chick Brooder made in China website: