Future Growth and Opportunities in the Rare Disease Testing Market: Industry Size and Forecast 2021-2026

Future Growth and Opportunities in the Rare Disease Testing Market: Industry Size and Forecast 2021-2026


Rare Disease Testing Market Report Overview

The latest report on Global Rare Disease Testing Market size, share, Demand, growth and future scope, published by MarkNtel Advisor, is an extensive compilation of information derived from rigorous research, impartial opinions, articulate data, and insights that shed light on various aspects of the industry and its global market impact. The report presents well-organized and meticulously prepared details, meticulously investigated by expert researchers who prioritize the shareholders' profitability. The study focuses on providing a comprehensive industry overview, meticulously categorized into minute sections, encompassing all the crucial information that drives market fluctuations.

Report's Study Period:

  • Historical period: 2016 – 2019
  • Base Year: 2020
  • Forecasting period: 2021 – 2026

The report collects data from primary and secondary sources to capture all the fluctuations experienced by the industry during the historical period. These fluctuations encompass market trends, global trends, sales reports, consumer response, manufacturing reports, profit and sales reports, and more. By analyzing this data, including market information up until the base year, the researchers make informed predictions about the industry's trajectory during the forecasting period.

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The Report Addresses the Following Questions and Provides Corresponding Answers:

  • What are the key drivers and trends shaping the Rare Disease Testing industry, and how is the market structured?
  • How is the Rare Disease Testing market segmented, and what is the size of each segment?
  • Which segments and geographical regions offer the most expansion opportunities?
  • What is the competitive landscape of the Rare Disease Testing market, and how do the players position themselves?

The Dynamic of the Rare Disease Testing Industry:

To comprehensively cover all major research points, the study of the Rare Disease Testing Market proposes to address four key sections driving market growth. These sections include Growth Drivers and Market Trends, which fuel industrial expansion, as well as Market Restraints that could impede market growth. Possible solutions are also explored, along with the challenges that shareholders or the market are likely to face in the future due to various factors. Lastly, the study delves into the growth opportunities emerging from consumer trends, governmental initiatives, new product launches, and more, equipping stakeholders with the necessary tools to thrive in the industry.

Market Geographical Breakdown: The Rare Disease Testing market is segmented across the following regions:

- North America

- South America

- Europe

- Middle East Africa

- Asia Pacific

Through the regional analysis section, the report aims to provide an overview and forecast of the market considering various regional, cultural, regulatory, political, economic, social, technological, and other industry-specific differences and variations. This analysis includes assessing the presence or absence of major market players, consumer preferences, manufacturing sites, and more.

Key Driving Factors: Rare Disease Testing Market Report 2021-2026

Rising Prevalence of Genetic Disorders - Rare diseases are not rare since there are more than 7000 of them, affecting 350 million people worldwide. Around 30 million people are affected by rare diseases in the U.S. About 10.00% of the world's population suffers from rare diseases. Each year, the last day of February (28th or 29th) is celebrated as World Day for Rare Diseases to increase awareness about them so that early diagnosis and treatment are possible.

In the U.S., a disease is considered rare if it affects less than 200,000 people. In Europe, near 150 million people are affected by rare diseases. It is also to say that if all people with rare diseases live in a country, it would be the 3rd most populous country in the world. The research and development, product launches, funding, collaborations are on the way as companies have started focusing on rare disease diagnosis therapeutics.

Rare diseases affect more people than the combination of AIDS Cancer. The prevalence distribution of rare diseases is skewed, and about 80% of rare disease patients are affected by approximately 350 such diseases. Only 5 % of them have an FDA-approved treatment. Individual diseases may be rare, but the total number of people with rare diseases is high. Hence, the rising number of rare diseases shall demand diagnostic modalities services over time, which, in turn, would propel the overall market growth.

Analysis of Top Leaders in the Rare Disease Testing Industry:

- Quest Diagnostics Inc.

- Centogene N.V.

- Invitae Corporation.

- 3billion, Inc.

- Arup Laboratories.

- Eurofins Scientific.

- Strand Life Sciences.

- Ambry Genetics.

- Color Genomics, Inc.

- Health Network Laboratories

- PreventionGenetics

- Progenity, Inc.

- Myriad Genetics, Inc.

- Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

- OPKO Health, Inc.

The research report thoroughly covers all key details and developments in the Rare Disease Testing market, focusing on prominent market players. The market exhibits a moderate level of fragmentation, with numerous players holding relatively small market shares, thereby influencing the market dynamics individually. Furthermore, the report provides comprehensive information about these companies, including their profiles, components, services offered, financial details, key developments, and more.

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Complete Rare Disease Testing Market Segmentation Study:

The market exhibits broad fragmentation and encompasses various subdivisions. The report aims to define, study, and predict the trajectory of each subdivision, presenting information, trends, and advancements that impact the flow of segments and sub-segments. This analysis aids stakeholders in navigating the industry's intricacies with a deep understanding of its minute details. The report also provides significant demographic, regional, psychographic, and behavioral information about business segments, enabling companies to determine which characteristics to incorporate to meet consumer demands. Here's the segmental breakdown of the Rare Disease Testing Market:

By Type

- Cardiovascular

- Ophthalmological

- Neurological

- Oncological

- Hematological

- Endocrine and Metabolism

- Gastroenterologist

- Others

By Acquisition

- Genetic

- Externally Acquired

By Technology

- Next Generation Sequencing

- Complete Genome

- Complete Exome

- Micro Arrays

- Others

By Age Group

- 0-15 yrs.

- 16-30 yrs.

- 31-45 yrs.

- Others

By Products

- Kits Assays

- Panels

- Others

By End User

- Hospitals

- Diagnostics Laboratories

- Clinical Laboratories

- Contract Research Organizations

- Others

Customize Rare Disease Testing Market Report:

The Rare Disease Testing report can be tailored to specific client needs, including specific locations or countries. Additionally, with Markntel Advisors, clients have the freedom to request further customization to align the report precisely with their preferences. The researchers at Markntel Advisors aim to filter the report in the best interest of stakeholders, ensuring it is simplified, systematic, and easy to navigate.

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