Solis Compact Tractors are an Excellent Choice for Anyone Looking for a Reliable Tractor

Solis Tractors are built to last. They are designed with high-quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring their durability even in the most challenging farming conditions.


Solis offers a wide variety of tyres with different models. Most of the Solis tractors can be fitted with any tyre as Solis offers a multi-tyre option to choose the right one for you. Still, it’s important to consider the overall property condition and the type of attachments you will use before making any purchases. So, below are the features and quality of Solis tractor tyres.

Agri Tyres – Agri tyres are best suited for situations where grip and traction are more important, such as wet soil conditions, which can be used in paddy fields or wooded areas. Compared to turf and HDI tyres, they have an open treat with more void.

Turf tyres – Turf tyres have a small diamond pattern with a shallow button-style tread. Best suited for the protection of grass lawns, playgrounds and golf courses. These tyres are ideal for applications where they can operate without causing any damage to the ground.

GP Tyres – These are the tyres especially used for orchids, vineyards and gardening, thus best suited with the Narrow tractor series. The Galaxy Garden Pro tyre has low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy and is available in the Narrow tractor series.

HDI Tyres –These tyres have wider lugs than Agri tyres and shallower voids to avoid disturbance in dry soil conditions. Their unique build results in a greater load-bearing surface than the Agri tyres and more grip than the turf tyres. These tyres are the best option to go, which offers more grip and less ground disturbance as well. Resulting in one of the most popular choices for Solis compact tractors.

These tractors are designed for small to medium-sized farming operations and use in landscaping and other industries. With a wide array of models, Solis compact tractors are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient Agri-expert.

Now comes an essential aspect of Solis Tractor Price. These tractors are designed to offer an excellent balance of price and performance, and they are generally more affordable than other similar tractors on the market. The cost of these tractors varies depending on the model and the attachments or implements included.

Solis tractors are far and wide known for their tough performance, high backup torque, great fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, futuristic mechanics and comfort. Solis tractors are the only Indian company to deliver services in 33 countries in Europe, reaching a sale of 12,000 tractors in a year across the continent. They are an absolute example of value for money. Solis tractors can surprise you with more abilities than expected. Their tractors come in 3 ranges – S series, N series and H series. All of these tractor ranges have tractors that are extremely durable, economical and versatile, which makes them a perfect fit for any farming situation.

S series

The primary reason for the S series is to deliver excellent value for money and advanced ergonomics in the fields. All the tractors from this series are highly productive, economical and fuel-efficient as well. This series offers five versatile tractors. S 20, this tractor is perfect for hobby or small-sized farms and private farms. The sturdy engine and better transmission amplify growth allow you to work efficiently with top-class performance. S 26 This is the most versatile tractor from the series, delivering extra comfort and potential in every endeavour. The hydraulic power steering and the extra efficient engine help in reducing operational stress. S 26 shuttle XL, this specially built with a synchromesh shuttle lever and 9×9 gear, adds extra comfort to every farming venture. S 50, this mighty tractor is the perfect farming companion. 

N Series
It is known as the narrow track series. N series offers two highly versatile tractors which come with a low turning radius of 3.6m that allows you to move freely in small areas or narrow lanes. Both of the tractors are engineered to work efficiently in orchards and vineyards. N series comes in two horsepower – N 75. This tractor helps in spraying and orchard applications with a unique hydraulic circuit that helps in elevating its transmission speed. 

H series

This series offers hydrostatic transmission with a Mitsubishi engine, which makes it a complete all-rounder with advanced features and over-the-top lifting capacity. Solis H 26 transforms all your complexities at ease. We are soon going to launch more members of this series with upgraded features.

Solis Tractors are built to last. They are designed with high-quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring their durability even in the most challenging farming conditions. For small-scale farmers, this means a long-lasting investment that can serve them for years, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements. A durable tractor is a farmer’s trusted companion, allowing them to focus on their work rather than worrying about machinery breakdowns.

Solis Tractor is not just about selling equipment; it’s about forming lasting partnerships with farmers. The company provides exceptional customer support and service, ensuring that small-scale farmers can access expert advice, spare tractor parts, and maintenance assistance when needed. This support network is invaluable to farmers who rely on their tractors for their livelihood.

Small-scale farmers are often deeply connected to their land and environment. Solis Compact Tractor share this commitment to sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly features into their designs. Reduced emissions and efficient fuel consumption save money, contribute to a cleaner environment, and help small-scale farmers maintain a positive relationship with their communities.

Small-scale farmers are the unsung heroes of agriculture. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to sustainable farming practices are essential for local food security and the economic well-being of rural communities. Solis Tractor recognizes the unique challenges faced by small-scale farmers and offers a range of tractors suited to their needs. With their compact design, high torquefuel efficiency, affordability, durability, exceptional support, and eco-friendly features, Solis Tractors have become the perfect choice for small-scale farmers worldwide.